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31 January 2019
Record investment in UK biotech

The UK’s BioIndustry Association (BIA), together with Informa Pharma Intelligence, have recently published figures which reveal that...

28 January 2019
10 January 2019
CRISPR gene editing technology and its many applications

The revolutionary CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology is regularly in the headlines, much of the time...

8 January 2019
A brief history of UCART-19

The rapid development of the immunotherapy landscape has driven increased numbers of acquisitions and collaborations...

23 November 2018
CAR-T round-up: off-the-shelf challengers and avoiding the (cytokine) storm

It has been another busy period for CAR-T therapies. 

20 August 2018
Are organisms that are the product of mutagenesis subject to the GMO Directive on deliberate release?

In case C-528/16 proceedings were brought between the French agricultural union and eight associations (the...

14 August 2018
Different types of CAR-T

CAR-T cell therapy remains an exciting area in healthcare, and a potentially very lucrative one...

4 July 2018
CJEU follows Advocate General’s Opinion to confirm the scope of the Specific Mechanism

On 21 June 2018 the CJEU gave its judgment in a preliminary reference from the...

3 July 2018
CAR-T keeps driving forward: a round-up of recent scientific and commercial developments

The pace of development in the CAR-T world, both scientific and commercial, is showing no...

8 June 2018
Driving immunotherapy forward: More than CAR-Ts

With two therapies already on the market and many more in the pipeline, CAR-T is...

9 May 2018
The NHS gets on the bandwagon with CAR-T

Of interest to our UK readers will be the announcement by Simon Stevens, the chief...

9 May 2018
Can’t Stop the CAR-T

Despite it being only two months since our last review of the CAR-T world, the scientific and...