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23 November 2018
CAR-T round-up: off-the-shelf challengers and avoiding the (cytokine) storm

It has been another busy period for CAR-T therapies. 

20 August 2018
Are organisms that are the product of mutagenesis subject to the GMO Directive on deliberate release?

In case C-528/16 proceedings were brought between the French agricultural union and eight associations (the...

14 August 2018
Different types of CAR-T

CAR-T cell therapy remains an exciting area in healthcare, and a potentially very lucrative one...

4 July 2018
CJEU follows Advocate General’s Opinion to confirm the scope of the Specific Mechanism

On 21 June 2018 the CJEU gave its judgment in a preliminary reference from the...

3 July 2018
CAR-T keeps driving forward: a round-up of recent scientific and commercial developments

The pace of development in the CAR-T world, both scientific and commercial, is showing no...

8 June 2018
Driving immunotherapy forward: More than CAR-Ts

With two therapies already on the market and many more in the pipeline, CAR-T is...

9 May 2018
The NHS gets on the bandwagon with CAR-T

Of interest to our UK readers will be the announcement by Simon Stevens, the chief...

9 May 2018
Can’t Stop the CAR-T

Despite it being only two months since our last review of the CAR-T world, the scientific and...

7 March 2018
Side CAR-Ts

Big pharma’s interest in chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T therapies is clear:  companies such as Novartis...

20 February 2018
CAR-T rolls on

Over recent months, the cellular immunotherapy landscape has continued to develop apace.  Various new acquisitions...

16 February 2018
The competition law issues of the CRISPR patent pool

CRISPR-Cas9 is heralded as a revolutionary gene editing technology that is regularly hitting the headlines...

9 February 2018
AG Opinion: Organisms obtained by mutagenesis are GMOs exempt from the provisions of the GMO Directive

Advocate General Bobek’s opinion in a reference from the Conseil d’État to the CJEU[1] for a...